Scrivener App now on sale at Amazon!

imagesIt’s no secret that I love Scrivener. Ever since checking it out for our piece on word processors a few months back, I haven’t used anything else for my writing. It’s so easy to organize different sections or parts of a whole piece, even if you aren’t trying to put together a lengthy novel. In fact, I use it most frequently for all the different blogs and websites I contribute to.

Here’s the file I have on my computer for the BookWorks blog as an example:

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 1.14.05 PM

I have a different file for every website I write for and organize both them by the month and day that they’re published, all in different colors. On the right I keep category and tag information for when I post the articles onto our blog, as well as outside links that I reference in the post. It’s also very simple to export individual articles into Word Documents and other formats for easy archiving.

If you’re writing a book and need to keep everything in one place, then Scrivener is absolutely perfect for you. It has character reference templates, a place to store research, and lots of little tools for you to keep everything neat and tidy.

Usually Scrivener costs $40 for PC and $45 for Mac, and it’s worth every penny of that price. However, Amazon is currently selling the App for 50% off at $20 and $22.50 respectively, so if you’re ready to check it out then now’s the time! You can also download a free trial as well to get yourself acquainted with the software, and it includes an extensive tutorial to teach you just how to use it.


5 Great Word Processing Tools For Writing Your Novel

Unless you’re the fastidious type of person who jots down all their prose by hand with paper and ink, or the pretentious, artsy type of person who owns a vintage typewriter and uses it regularly (guilty as charged!), then it’s probably been awhile since you’ve thought about just how easy the modern computer has made it for you to type up, format, and share your writing with others, even if you aren’t trying to publish it! In fact, most of my friends who’ve all grown up with word processing programs often complain that they have a hard time organizing their thoughts when they aren’t typing them out on a laptop.

However, as ubiquitous as writing on a computer has become, when you’re looking for something specific for your particular writing process, it’s still tough to find a program that will do just the trick. Here’s a few that we love in no particular order — some have better services while others have better prices, but it’s worth shopping around until you find the one that’s perfect for you! (And if these don’t suit your fancy, we’ll have some other options to tell you about next week)

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