Got a Facebook Page? Here’s how to market it better.


browseLast week we walked you through the process of creating and setting up your Facebook page, and we started to talk about the basics of marketing that page. This week we’ll lay out some more detailed tips for making the most out of that page, all at little or no cost to you.

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Some Simple Ways to Monetize Your Online Presence

images-1When you’re a self-publisher, every penny of added income helps — especially when you’re just starting out and can’t immediately rely on a strong personal brand or passionate base of fans. If you can, though, even better: there are more and more ways to monetize your online presence so that your fans will be able to help you offset some of your costs without even trying. Third party ads, affiliate programs, and reward tools are all great ways to make your personal website work for you!

Remember, the internet user is a fickle beast, and too much advertising might lead them to believe that you’re some kind of sell-out. Be careful about the number of ads you allow on your page, or you might not get any page views at all!

Let’s look at some of the ways you can subtly and easily add revenue to your site:

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