About BookWorks

Set to launch in January, BookWorks.com: The Self-Publishers Association strives to be the number one resource for writers, editors, and enthusiasts of self publishing.

One of our most valuable services will be to offer members a curated list of the resources self-publishers need to make their book the best it can be. The categories will include freelance editors, jacket and interior book designers, printers, subsidy publishers, marketers and distributors. In addition, BookWorks will provide opportunities for networking and community growth through our forum, as well as classified ad services, advice from publishing experts, a chance to have their book be selected as the Book of the Week, and links to leading industry blogs and news feeds.

On this blog, we’ll gather up all of the best and most interesting news articles and essays about the publishing industry that we can find to keep you well informed about today’s publishing marketplace. We’ll also let you know about any updates to BookWorks, and we occasionally hope to offer some insight from our own perspectives about what kind of resources are out there to people who hope to self publish.

Want to know more about us? Sign up for our mailing list to get regular updates sent to your e-mail address so you’ll know when BookWorks officially launches, and keep checking back here for more news!


1 thought on “About BookWorks

  1. Betty Kelly Sargent,

    We met last year at the Self Published Book Expo where you gave me your opinion about my sci/fi books (published under my pen name James Crawford) and told me about your ideas for this website. I’m glad to see it’s coming together. I hope to see you again this year at the conference.

    Sincerely, James Howard

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