How to Format the Interior of Your Book

Over the past year we have written a lot of tutorials on all kinds of different topics for you. Now that we have such a huge backlog, we’d like to feature one of our most celebrated posts once a week to show new followers what you might have been missing! Here’s a piece we did on book interiors that should be very informative for those who are interested in the full DIY experience. We hope it’s helpful!


1397558_pagesRemember when you were still in high school and every teacher had a different rubric for how exactly your academic papers were supposed to look? Your name went in the upper right corner — unless it went in the upper left — and if you didn’t do it the right way you got points off regardless of the quality of your paper “because you didn’t listen to instructions.” If you’re young enough to have used word processing in the classroom, as I was, then there were even morerules – it had to be times new roman size 12 with 1 inch margins on all edges, and if that wasn’t the default setting on your computer and you didn’t check before you handed it in, you got points off!

Well, sad news, folks – just because you’re not being graded on your writing anymore does not mean that formatting doesn’t…

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