Check Out the Top Twitter Apps For Managing Your Tweets

Let’s say you want one Twitter account for all of your personal tweets and another for a book you’d like raise awareness for. How do you manage two accounts at once? You could just log in and out of each account, but that can be a lot of work. That’s why a lot of people who use Twitter professionally have separate third party applications that they use not only to tweet from two accounts at once, but to schedule tweets in advance and so much more. Here are the top four apps that Twitter gurus love — why not try one out for yourself?

1. Tweetdeck


Not only is this app free to use and created by the team behind, it’s super customizable so you fit each column of the app to suit your personal preferences. You can use it to display your Twitter timeline, mentions, direct messages, trending topics, search results and hashtags. You can also sync it with multiple Twitter accounts and schedule tweets in advance.

2. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is similar to Tweetdeck in that you can customize, schedule, and display tweets. However, it can also be integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, MySpace and WordPress as well. There’s a free version of Hootsuite that you can try, but you have to pay for the extra features, which might be worth it if you have multiple social networking accounts that you want to keep track of.

2. Twitterfeed

twitterfeed_defaultIf you use an RSS feed to get your news and information from the Internet and want to share it with your Twitter followers, then Twitterfeed is a great way to do just that. This app syncs up with your RSS feed and automatically posts the stories and links that you’d get there up onto Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If you have a blog you really like and follow constantly, then using Twitterfeed to put that blog’s posts up to your social media page might be easier than doing it manually yourself!

4. Buffer


As we’ve covered before, Buffer is a great way to schedule your tweets hours and days in advance of posting. It works with your web browser, so creating a new tweet out of an interesting link is as easy as clicking a button on your toolbar. It also schedules your tweets at completely random times rather than on the hour or half hour, so it looks less like a scheduled post and seems more natural.

Personally, my favorite of these apps is Tweetdeck, but you should take some time to download a few free ones and decide which is right for you. Once you do, it’ll be easy to schedule tweets and manage multiple accounts, which will make creating a brand easier for yourself!


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