Navigating your BookWorks Member Profile

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Now that BookWorks has officially launched, we hope you’ve had the chance to look around the website and figure out exactly what we have to offer, as well as what we’ll be offering in the future as we continue to activate more pages on the site. However, If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to look around, or if you’re just unsure of where to start, then we’re here to help!

Your Profile

 Right now the best thing you can do is make sure your profile is as thorough and complete as it can be so that you’ll have a professional presence on the site. If you’re like me, you probably stuck to the required information the first time you signed up for your account. Now that you’re ready to fill in that information, click on the “My Account” button on the top right of your browser. It will look like this:

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Of course, it will be your name under which you’ll find the button, not mine! It will take you to a page that looks a little like this:

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I happened to have a great picture of myself to upload during my initial registration, but if you don’t have one, you’ll want to put one up. As much as we’re told not to, we all judge people by appearances, so an impressive looking picture is important! We’ve talked about the kind of images you’ll want to use for profile pictures before, of course, but it bears repeating: you want one that’s relatively high quality, in which your face is clearly visible. The picture I’m using is one that was specially taken for me as part of a promotional event by a professional photographer, so you might consider having a professional do yours as well, whether it’s a friend or someone you hire. It might be worth the investment if you want your picture to double as an author bio image for your books!

To upload a new photo or to update any of your information, click on “Edit Profile.” From there you’ll be taken to a page that looks exactly like the registration page you initially used to create your profile. Once you’re done, the site will take you right back to your account page, where you can see what your profile will look like by clicking on “View Profile.”

Privacy Settings

Let’s say you want your information to be on the website but not on your public page for privacy reasons. That’s why we have a privacy settings section as well! You can find it right just under “Edit Profile” and “View Profile.” It looks like this:

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As you can see, you can customize exactly what kind of information you want the people who access your profile to be able to see by checking the things you want to be open and unchecking what you want to be private. Definitely a step up from Facebook, don’t you think?

Your Books

The really cool stuff, I think, can be found when you add or edit a book in the “My Account” section. Check it out:

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 12.55.25 AM

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 1.03.48 AM

Not only are there spaces for your book’s title, author, and publisher, but you can also give a shout out to your editor, illustrator, agent, and everyone else who’s involved in your book’s production. You can also upload your manuscript and give Pubmatch users a preview of your book before they buy it using the link to Amazon or Barnes and Noble. If your book comes in a traditionally printed format, you can even outline all the details of your binding process. Neat, right?

Other Members

Of course, you can search the profiles of other BookWorks members by clicking on “Member Profiles” in the above toolbar. Be sure to check out how other people have written out their profiles to get a feel for what you might want to include in your own.

Here’s a user profile that I think looks really professional and cool:

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 1.11.12 AMRather than put a picture of himself, Charles Atkins opted to place his book’s cover as his profile picture, which you can also do if you have a cover you really like. His biography is very thorough, and he’s even got his book’s bio filled out.

It may seem like a hassle doing all this filling out bios and uploading pictures, but unlike any other social media website, BookWorks is designed specifically with the self-publisher in mind. The more you put into it, the more you get back — and the more you’ll look and feel a part of the self-publishing community!