Amazon to Begin Selling Kindles All Over the World


Good new for those of us who may consider self-publishing in foreign markets — yesterday Amazon announced that starting June 13, it will begin selling Kindle HD to 170 different countries and territories across the world. The Kindles are available through preorder at and come pre-registered, so users will be able to log on and buy ebooks immediately.

This will make Amazon the farthest-reaching and most easily purchasable tablet or eReader in the world. As a point of comparison, Apple products are sold in retail stores in 14 different countries, while Barnes and Noble only offers theirs in UK and a few other English-speaking countries, and Kobo is looking tentatively to offer theirs in 24 countries.

What will this mean for self-published ebooks available on the Kindle marketplace? It’s hard to say for sure. Certainly it will make understanding copyright and what rights an author can be expected to maintain more difficult, as each country has different rules and laws.

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(via Digital Book World)