Check out Assignment, the newest tool for Freelance writers


We’re sure that many of you are interested in self-publishing because you have a great idea for a novel or book you’d like to publish. If you’re like me and you just like writing about whatever topic you can get your hands on, then you’ve probably tried your hand at freelancing for a little while. But what do you do when you put time and energy into writing a piece for a client and don’t get the payment you’re owed?

Enter Assignmint, a relatively new start-up that seeks to “change freelance journalism as we know it,” according to Fast Company’s piece from last year. It helps digitally manage assignments, invoices, pitches, contract information, and payment between the client and freelancer.

This is an exciting development for creating and managing content online — not only because it helps freelance writers get paid for their time, but it also proves that there are still people out there willing to pay for creative content over the internet rather than obtain it for free. That’s certainly a great thing to remember when delving into the nebulous world of digital and self-publishing!

Check out some more information about Assignmint on the NYTimes blog, and be sure to go sign up for an Assignmint account for yourself!


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