Microsoft apparently planning to buy out Nook


Big news over at TechCrunch today — apparently, writers for the technology website have uncovered “internal documents” that reveal Microsoft’s plans to buy the digital assets of Nook Media LLC for a $1 billion. Microsoft first announced plans to work with Barnes and Noble on Nook-related content last year in April, so it seems a natural next step for Microsoft to look into acquiring all their assets, including ebooks and digital college textbooks.

What does this mean for the self-publisher who wants to make their books available on the Nook or who wants to publish on Nook Press? It’s unclear right now. However, this is ultimately good news for fans of the Nook, as it took a bit of a dive during this past holiday season. Microsoft, in contrast, is currently a hot streak with the success of their tablet PCs — though things could still go south for both companies if they’re unable to compete with Amazon and the Kindle (remember the Zune?). However, stock in Barnes and Noble have already soared upon the release of this news, so perhaps things are looking up after all!

Check out the rest of the Techcrunch article for more detailed financial information about the rumored buyout, and let us know what you think about this development!