Scrivener App now on sale at Amazon!

imagesIt’s no secret that I love Scrivener. Ever since checking it out for our piece on word processors a few months back, I haven’t used anything else for my writing. It’s so easy to organize different sections or parts of a whole piece, even if you aren’t trying to put together a lengthy novel. In fact, I use it most frequently for all the different blogs and websites I contribute to.

Here’s the file I have on my computer for the BookWorks blog as an example:

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 1.14.05 PM

I have a different file for every website I write for and organize both them by the month and day that they’re published, all in different colors. On the right I keep category and tag information for when I post the articles onto our blog, as well as outside links that I reference in the post. It’s also very simple to export individual articles into Word Documents and other formats for easy archiving.

If you’re writing a book and need to keep everything in one place, then Scrivener is absolutely perfect for you. It has character reference templates, a place to store research, and lots of little tools for you to keep everything neat and tidy.

Usually Scrivener costs $40 for PC and $45 for Mac, and it’s worth every penny of that price. However, Amazon is currently selling the App for 50% off at $20 and $22.50 respectively, so if you’re ready to check it out then now’s the time! You can also download a free trial as well to get yourself acquainted with the software, and it includes an extensive tutorial to teach you just how to use it.