A short, sweet story about teaching Shakespeare in prison


We follow a lot of book-centric news and publishing industry websites to keep ourselves current, and sometimes I come across stories that, while not self-publishing-related, are so compelling that it seems a shame not to share them. Today, however, I thought I would take a break from our weekly how-to pieces to bring you something a little more uplifting and inspiring.

Today’s NPR feature about Laura Bates is just such a story. In the 15 minute segment, she tells host Michael Martin about her experiences teaching Shakespeare to maximum security prison inmates in Indiana, and how learning about the bard and reading his plays shaped these inmates’ lives. Listening to it might not teach you how to format a book interior or navigate Twitter as an author, but it still makes for a fascinating listen nonetheless!

Next week our regular how-to segment will continue to bring you valuable tips and tricks for self-publishing your book, but until then, keep checking back here at the BookWorks blog for more self-publishing news — with the occasional Shakespeare lesson thrown in!