Want your self-published book in bookstores? Here’s how to do it


The Self-Publishing Advisor released a great article full of advice about how to market your book to brick and mortar stores. While it might be difficult to do with large chains, I can tell you from experience that independent bookstores are often willing to support local authors and will very likely hear your pitch, at the very least!

Here are there tips, as shared by Jodee Thayer:

  • Start with online and in-person sales. Sell at book fairs, on your social media sites, at local events and any place you can set up a table and take payment.
  • Market. Set up a clear plan for marketing and publicizing your book so you can gather interest and increase sales.
  • Establish that your book is desirable. Track every sale and look for patterns of growth.
  • Take your sales figures on the road. Once you’ve established that you have, or are heading toward, positive sales trends, start talking to local bookstores, seeking a commitment to carry your book.
  • Tailor your product. Armed with your bookstore commitments, work with your self-publishing company to change your trade discount and retail price, and add retail returns, so bookstores can carry your book.
  • Expand to larger markets. Put together a proposal to submit to bookstore contacts and approach larger markets about getting your self-published book on their shelves.

Check out the rest of the article here, and be sure to look at the rest of what the Self-Publishing Advisor blog has to offer. They’re on WordPress just like us, so it’s easy to subscribe to their feed!