Tired of updating Twitter? Check out Buffer

urlObviously you don’t want to spend all day updating your Twitter in real time when you could be writing your book or working on other projects. That’s why there are plenty of programs that schedule tweets and even Facebook updates in advance, like LaterBroTweetdeck, or SocialTomorrow.

Duolit writer Shannon recently discovered a really great tool called Buffer that is wonderful for composing and scheduling tweets. According to her, Buffer works with your web browser so creating a new tweet out of an interesting link is as easy as clicking a button on your toolbar. It also schedules your tweets at completely random times rather than on the hour or half hour, so it looks less like a scheduled post and seems more natural.

That’s not all — with Buffer, you can schedule tweets days in advance, freeing up plenty of time for writing! Shannon says:

If you tweet five times a day, Buffer’s free option will give you space to add two days’ worth of tweets at a time and literally takes a matter of minutes.

Here’s the easiest way to do it — go on Twitter, add three or four retweets to your Buffer stream, then go about your daily blog reads, add a few of those with your handy built-in Buffer browser button, and then jump on bufferapp.com to type up a couple of statuses or mentions.

Once you’ve got ten tweets, hit the “Random” button and your messages will be shuffled into a random order — tada! Two days’ worth of quality tweets are set to go, just like that.

Check out the rest of the Duolit article to see all the great features that Buffer provides — or if you’re already convinced, go check out the Buffer website and download it for yourself. It even comes in a phone app so you can take it with you when you’re on the go!