Alternatives to Google Reader for Keeping up on Publishing News


Photo Credit: Ubergizmo

Like every online blogger and journalist right now, we at Bookworks are scrambling to find new RSS feed programs to get our important news from now that Google Reader is set to end. For those of who don’t use RSS feeds, this a big deal: they’re perfect for aggregating and syndicating articles automatically. Think of it as a sort of Twitter feed for news articles: you choose where the information you want will be curated from all over the internet, and the RSS feed does the hard work of putting it in once place for you. Our Google Reader, for example. is full of great information from The Book Designer, Huffington Post Books, Digital Book World, Mediabistro’s Galleycat, and other great websites.

We all have until July 1st to figure out where to go from here, at least, but if you’re like us and want to get a jump on figuring out which reader will be right for you, here’s a bunch of different resources and reviews of all the alternative RSS feed readers out there today:

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Alternatives to Google Reader for OS X and iOS users at Tuaw

From the looks of it, Feedly, Newsblur, and The Old Reader are definitely the frontrunners. We’ll definitely be trying them all out — which do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments!