Have ebook prices finally stabilized?

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While looking at today’s newsletter, one story caught my eye — apparently the average price of an ebook on the DBW best-seller list has finally settled over the past few months to something around $8 per book. This is after a “roller coaster ride” of increasing and decreasing prices since last summer, in part due to holiday promotions, competition among retailers, and the new contract between ebook retailers and major publishing houses. Check out the graph below:


There are a bunch of other graphs at the original DBW article, as well as a thorough analysis by writer Jeremy Greenfield. DBW often has very interesting charts and graphs about the best-selling books at each price, as well as the top 25 best-selling ebooks overall, and it’s interesting to be able to chart when promotions occur and which ebooks do well at which price range.

Have you ever changed the price of your ebook as a way to garner sales? Are you one of those writers who has a very specific price point that you want to hit with your own book? Let us know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Have ebook prices finally stabilized?

  1. It’s really interesting to me that it’s settled at $8 since a lot of ebook hosts offer a much higher percentage of return the lower the price. Do you think it’s at that because of the ave of really expensive and really inexpensive ebooks, or is this saying everyone should price at $8 to be competitive?

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