The Best Book Covers of 2012

Fun fact: your friendly neighborhood blogger here used to intern for once upon a time, so it’s always really great to see a book-related post from them! Yesterday I saw just such a post: their literary editor, Emily Temple, rounded up a bunch of book designers such as Christopher King, Coralie Bickford-Smith, and Jennifer Wang, to ask them about their favorites from this year.

Here’s some of the covers that made the cut — check out the full article for more!


The Flame Alphabet, designed by Peter Mendelsund

ridgway1Hawthorn & Child, designed by Tom Darracott

invisible-manThe Ralph Ellison series, designed by Cardon Webb

Clearly having an eye catching or interesting book cover is essential in getting your potential audience excited about your book. If you’re looking to design your own cover, starting Monday we’ll be giving you useful how-to articles about what programs to use and where to find good stock images. Of course, hiring a professional is always great too — that’s where our main website will come in upon launching!