Some New Years Resolutions for Writers

869510_red_and_gold____4Hope you all are having a happy holiday season! Here at BookWorks we’re taking a quick break before we ramp up to our release date, but we wanted to share a great article we found over at Debbie Young’s blog, Off the Shelf Book Promotions. In it she outlines a perfect set of New Years Resolutions for Indie writers and self publishers — you might want to incorporate them into your own resolutions for 2013!

Here’s a quick sample after the jump:

1) I will not become obsessed with statistics.

It’s too easy to waste time on statistics. Checking my Amazon sales rankings, my blog hits, my Twitter followers – and unfollowers… It’s not only a waste of time better spent elsewhere. It’s also often misleading, causing false hopes and needless despondency. Amazon employs such mysterious, ever-changing algorithms for its supposed sales figures, that they vary dramatically from one minute to the next, and are not accurate indicators of real sales, even for those published solely on Kindle. They’re best avoided. But of course, if I happen to spot a favourable figure, e.g. hitting the top 100 in an Amazon category, I reserve the right to celebrate! In the meantime, I will do all I can to optimise my  stats – which means actively promoting my books, not gazing for hours at sales graphs – without obsessing about them.

2) I will learn all I can from fellow authors in the indie/self-publishing sector.

in 2013, I’m going to make the most of the very supportive online indie author community. I will NOT do an impression of a lonely writer sitting in a garret (or study with nice garden view, in my case), with only a blank page (screen) for company. I’ll read other authors’ blogs, tweets and comments, I’ll follow the stimulating Facebook discussions of the specialist community groups that I belong to (Alliance of Independent Authors, aka ALLi, and the SilverWood Authors Community). I’ll check in regularly to GoodReads. And while I’m gaining other authors’ input and support, I’ll try to give even more than I receive.  ”You’re gonna reap just what you sow”, as Lou Reed sings in “Perfect Day” (scheduled to be played at my funeral, but preferably not in 2013!)

3) I will use Twitter wisely.

I will continue to use Twitter to focus on my self-publishing and writing interests. I will not get distracted by Stephen Fry, Gin O’Clock’s parody of Queen ElizabethThe Poke, hashtag games and other such frivolities. Oh alright, most of the time. 99% of my Twitter time will be spent on productive transactions. Honest.

Check out the rest of the post here, and have a happy new year! Let us know about any of your resolutions in the comments below!

We’ll be back on Monday with our usual content, including a new how-to article!