Publishing: Adapt or Die

If you’ve never listened to On The Media while tuned to your local radio station, then now’s the time to start! This insightful weekly podcast, which is produced by WNYC and broadcasted over NPR affiliates across the country, takes a look at how media coverage intersects with and has influences over global current events. Their most recent episode is part of their annual look at the publishing industry (ominously called “Publishing: Adapt or Die”) and includes segments about Amazon’s role in bookselling, how literary fiction might become a lost art, and the phenomenon of “knock-off” books in e-book markets that capitalize on already popular works.

You can listen to the hour-long show in its entirety here, but it’s also definitely worth checking out the rest of their website and downloading their podcast on iTunes or another podcatching program. It’s important to understand how the media affects its own production even if you aren’t looking to break into the market with a self-published book, so for those of us who are working to create their own literary brand, it’s sure to become an invaluable resource!