Self-Publishing vs. Playing the Lottery

The self-publishing market is booming in a huge way, and there’s a lot of money to be made if you know how to write compelling stories and market them successfully. But how of it is luck and how much of it is skill? After all, the books that have been topping the charts haven’t exactly been award-winning novels, nor have some of them had any marketing other than word of mouth before they hit it big.

In a guest post for Duolit, Tracey Atkins tells us not to publish books with the mindset of a gambler, throwing it out to the marketplace and hoping that we’ll get rich quick:

In my experience, the delusion of instant wealth is something that every serious self-publisher must overcome.

Once you move past that notion, you can begin to approach writing with a business-oriented mindset. Business acumen and creativity must be in balance for the successful self-published author.

Simply put, you must be creative and passionate about what you write to build compelling content. To create a book product from that content, however, you must have the ability to make rational business decisions for the benefit of your work and bottom line.

This dual mindset intermingles throughout the process of self-publishing in different ways.

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