The Only 2 Things Authors Ought to be Doing

Our friend Joel Friedlander over at The Book Designer has some great advice for on self-publishing authors who get too caught up in reading about self-publishing to create an actual book to publish.

His ultimate words of wisdom? There are only 2 things authors ought to be doing: writing, and marketing that writing

Editors cut and shape manuscripts, designers create one version after another of the book’s cover until it’s right. Coders and typesetters and printers and binders work on creating the physical product that the book becomes.

Who knew what dark arts were being used to turn lumpy, awkward typescripts into beautiful, readable and enjoyable books?

In the belief that they now have to replace every one of the departments at the publishing house on their own, authors get stuck in the swamps of tutorials, courses, e-learning programs, webinars and action plans. How is anyone supposed to make sense of all this?

Of course no one person can be expert in all these fields. Even if you tried, you would be a novice in several fields at once. You know, the first books I designed didn’t look all that good. After all, they were the efforts of a novice, and we all know how those go, don’t we?

Check out the rest of the article for more on what Friedlander has to say to budding authors about getting too worked up over the visual design of their book. It’s certainly worth a read!

Photo credit: The St. Bride Foundation

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