Come to our upcoming Self-Publishing workshop!

No doubt some of you who have been following Bookworks’s progress over the past few months might have attended the first of our three part workshop series in June. Next week we’ll be hosting our second ever workshop on Monday, September 24th from 6 to 8pm at the Beekman Tower Hotel in New York City, and we’d love for you all to come! Some of our guest speakers from June will be making a reappearance, such as Bookworks founder Betty Sargent and promotions expert/ founder David Wilk.

Tired of spinning your wheels? Spending thousands of dollars to publish your book and not getting the results you want? Let the experts show you how to produce, publish and promote your book, whatever your special needs may be.

There is a $99 workshop fee, which includes a free drink after the workshop at the top of the Beekman Tower — believe us, it’ll be worth it for the view alone!

For more details about the event, call us at 212-486-1531 or email David Wilk at You can also like the event on our Facebook page.

We hope to see you all there!