One Self-Publisher’s Experience With Lightning Source, a Print-on-Demand Company

BookWorks Founder Betty Kelly Sargent is currently working on self-publishing her own book. We’ll be featuring her first-hand accounts of this process as the book progresses from idea to finished product, starting with the Print-on-Demand copy!

What a surprise! Last week I uploaded the revision (from the traditionally published version) of my first self published book with Lightning Source and it was a breeze — well, much less complicated than I’d anticipated, anyway!

 Here’s how it worked: three weeks ago, I went online and opened an account with as the first step to releasing a self-published version of How To Get HIm Back From The Other Woman (If You Still Want Him), which I wrote with fellow Cosmo editor Diane Baroni and originally published with St. Martins Press. We got the rights back, rewrote and updated the entire manuscript, and set out to publish both an eBook version and a POD (Print-on-Demand) version. Lightning Source, which is owned by the book distributor Ingram, arranges for the POD. They offer a number of different printing and distribution models and will help you customize everything from the book’s size to the way it’s bound.

It took about a week and a half for the LSI team to go over everything. When the approval came through, I called the personal representative they’d assigned me and she couldn’t have been nicer. She walked me through the whole process and in about an hour, our POD version was set to go. As for the eBook, we’ve had the PDF converted to an eBook format but haven’t launched it yet, so we’ll let you know how that goes

Please stick with us on our first self publishing journey if you want to find out more about how to  Prepare, Publish and Promote your own book.  We’ll be learning together!


2 thoughts on “One Self-Publisher’s Experience With Lightning Source, a Print-on-Demand Company

  1. Glad to know you’ve had a good experience. I’m still only publishing e-editions of my books at the moment but have been thinking I should have the print option available too.
    Have looked briefly at CreateSpace vs Lightning Source so will be interesting to follow your progress.

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