More about our first meet-up event from Good E-Reader

As we mentioned on Friday in our inaugural blog post, last week we were invited to participate in Bibliocrunch‘s first event for the NY Self-Publishers MeetUp group.

There’s an excellent write-up of the event over at Good E-Reader, which is a wonderful resource for digital publishing related news as well as great information about all the e-readers available on the market today. Writer Mercy Pilkington interviewed the founder of Bibliocrunch, Miral Sattar, about the efficacy of face-to-face interaction over virtual meetups:

While this first event took place in New York, Sattar is already considering the requests of several members of the MeetUp group for virtual gatherings, if a suitable online platform can be found. The focus for the live events and any virtual events is on maintaining the personal connections that are still vital in the publishing industry, regardless of the format the authors choose to take.

“Personal connection is so important. I make sure I’ve Skyped or gone through FaceTime with a person before I ever hire someone [for BiblioCrunch]. I don’t stop at picking up the phone. If it’s a designer, an app developer, anybody, I have to see them, even if we can’t physically meet. And that’s important for authors, too.”

Check out the rest of the article here!

At BookWorks, we hope to continue these sorts of free public events for anyone who is interested, but in meantime you can sign up for the NY Self-Publishers MeetUp group if you have a MeetUp account (even if you don’t, it’s easy to sign up!).

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